No Contact Sheets - Zine by Sergej Vutuc

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No Contact Sheets - Zine by Sergej Vutuc

No Contact sheets,

is a project realized with 16 parisian photographers during confinment.

Une pellicule, One roll of film
Seize sixteen photographs
One hour, Une heure
Un One kilometer
Une image, One Frame.

During Paris lockdown, 16 photographers shared one roll of film, connecting from neighborhood to neighborhood , in frame of one hour and one kilometer freezing one frame.
April/mai 2020, Paris

Limited production,
Printed by Sergej Vutuc.

includes :
A recto verso a3 print
+ A 22 pages zine ( 20x28cm)

Featuring Photographies in oder of passing film :

Benjamin Deberdt
George Booth Cole
Jb Giurlat
Yedihael Canat
Greg Dezecot
Louis Perruchaud
Clément Chouleur
Bertrand Trichet
Clément Harpillard
Scott Bourne
Thomas Busuttil
Sergej Vutuc
Mathieu Mathon
Oliver Ente
Pierre Terdjman
Ludovic Azémar
Atelier Publimod

Street exhibition, 23.6.2020 , 81 quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

Video by Maxime Michel

Also available with other of his zine on his store :