DPY CIty Triptych Yearbook VOL.2

DPY CIty Triptych Yearbook VOL.2

The new DPY City Triptych Yearbook Volume.2 just got released!
368 Pages - 65 Photographers - 1000 copies

The original skateboard photography almanach is coming back with
one more year inside Paris, London and Berlin scenes, covering 2017-2018 time period.

Including 8 Stories written by Lisa Jacob during her skatetrips in : India - Morroco - Irak - Palestine - Ouganda - Belgium - Ethipoia & Maldives

Art Direction : Studio Jimbo
Chief Editor : Thomas Busuttil
Guest Editor : Lisa Jacob
Printed in Belgium

ISBN 978-2-9555992-9-7

Featuring photographies from :
Marcel Veldman
Max Verret
Reece Leung
Ziggy Schaap
Fred Mortagne
Thibault Lenours
Sam Clark
Henrik Biemer
Thomas Busuttil
Clement Chouleur
Yedihael Canat
Joel Meinholtz
Norma Ibarra
Laura Kazmareck
Sam Ashley
Jo Peck
And many many Others..

And skateboarders such as :

Remy Taveira
Joseph Biais
Sam Becket
Dustin Dollin
Hugo Corbin
Mason SIlva
Victor Campillo
Ibu Laflem
Oscar Candon
Daniel Panneman
Fernando Bramsmarck
Mika Germond
Michael Mackrodt
Cody Lockwood
Kevin Ozcan
Kyle Wilson
Felipe Bartolome
And once again, many many others..

France : Colissimo 5€ ( 48 Hours )
Europe : 4 € to 5.80 € ( 1 Week )
Worldwide : 5.80 € ( 15 Days )