Uscita magazine - Skateboarding at the Museum

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Uscita magazine - Skateboarding at the Museum

Uscita magazine -First Issue - Skateboarding at the Museum
Uscita Magazine
Uscita is a new platform for discussing skateboarding via different media. Through magazines,
videos and other types of content Uscita wants to find out what skateboarding has to say
when it is not only talking to itself. 
Skateboarding has always had many connections with different aspects of life and culture and
now more than ever it is bursting out of its bubble – it is making new links. Uscita wants to
investigate these connections, not only with the goal of documenting skateboarding but also
with the intention of using it as a tool that allows one to observe certain societal phenomena
through a different angle. 
The 0 issue is focused on the dynamics created by the introduction of skateboarding in a
museum. This 64-page magazine, entirely funded by Triennale Milano, takes the reader
through the process of skateboarding becoming a performative art within the wall of this
institution via OooOoO: a skatepark designed by Koo Jeong A and realised by CTRL+Z as part
of a project called PLAY!, ideated and curated by Julia Peyton-Jones and Lorenza Baroncelli.
in Partnership with the Triennale Milano